Wednesday, May 27, 2009

till the casket drops

download the new Clipse mixtape


check out the new CRUZ tees. they come in white and black shirts (no picture of the black ones yet) come by the krate soon and pick one up. they should drop any day now.

Friday, May 15, 2009


finished Lowrider Band shirt, 
Lovin the white and silver

Kobe, How my ass taste?

Shaq, you suck too!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Super Limited Cruz Tee go buy one and sell it on Ebay!

(Rock the purple and represent the kings, vikings, ravens, or any other purple team...

except the lakers! 80-95 for game game 7 where Kobe will suck again BEAT LA!)


NO Five Finger Discount at THE KRATE
He's got a .406 batting average

Watch out thieving crack/meth-heads

Come Dance with...


At the Cypress Lounge Friday May 15th after 10

Hard at work...

Krate tees

sneak peek

This is just the sample of whats coming soon to the Krate.

Show love part 2

We're working hard on the next wave of the cruz tees. The blue tees with white letter are out now (no picture yet) go get one know. Show some love.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


In the beginning...

The "Shop" was outside and started with a one screen press bolted to a old bookshelf, then an upgrade to a four color press was needed, which  got bolted down onto an old table. The first drying device was a hairdryer, then a special drying gun and then finally the flash dryer which was a little tough to use outside.  
Some Things have changed and some haven't...The "Darkroom" still is a windowless bathroom and the red lightbulb is on a care bears lamp but now the shirts get pressed indoors in a back room at The Krate and Tshirt Mafia has been known to pull some allnighters (with naps of course).  
Now matter where they are or how ghetto the set up is they can always pull off some of the most professional looking shit!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Cruz Preview

This is a sneak peak of the new cruz designs, by and for THE KRATE...

This is just the first there's more to come and more being added to it...

Got some extra cash?

Either get some bad ass shirts printed (and designed if you need that too) by these two guys at T-Shirt Mafia

Or grab a bite to eat at the best restaurant in SC County, Cafe Cruz (across from Best Buy). Their food is the most amazing food you will ever eat, it's perfect. I would Literally KILL for their Creme Brulee! 

What the Hell, why not do both. Get some top quality shirts and food!


no bjs for jlo

wrong video...hilarious results!

the cop totally stomps on the dude!


Rudy's gonna learn to do this

or maybe this